Help for Production Teams

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Adding rehearsal times is not done inside a group. The reason for this is because you may run several groups and you will need to be able to see all your entries on one table so there are no conflicts. You cant be two places at once!

  • Click on the blue user profile button on the main menu (beside the green logout button)
  • Click on Rehearsal Calendar
  • Click on My Events
  • Click on Add New & Fill out the form. 

Adding MP3’s, Videos & Documents is done inside your group. Only your group members can access your media protecting it from outsiders

Creating Galleries

There are three types of menus.

  • Audio/MP3’s
  • Videos
  • Documents/Files

You can create a gallery by doing the following

  • Click on your group.
  • Click on Rehearsal Material
  • Click on Create Gallery
  • Select your Gallery Type

Uploading Media

  • Click on your group.
  • Click on Rehearsal Material
  • Select a Gallery
  • Click on Add Media
  • Use the uploader to upload your files.

As a member of a production team, we give you access to Mass Mail all the members of one or all of the groups you manage.

  • Click the blue username buton on the main menu
  • Click Messaging
  • Click Mass Messaging
  • Type your messages
  • Select the group(s) you want to send the message to.
  • Click send.

The top 10 users for the past week are available for all your cast members to view in your private group.

Should you require a more detailed activity leaderboard. Send us a message using the “Contact Us” page from our main menu. The link we send you will be password protected.

All Time Activity for all of your cast members

Past Weeks Activity for all of your cast members / users

Audition Registration Forms

If you would like a publish audition registration form, drop us a message using the  “Contact Us”. We will put it together for you and give you a public link to use on social media sites and emails.

Public Announcements **COMING SOON**

If you would like to make a public announcements sitewide we will soon be allowing Production Teams to create posts which will also be shared on RehearseApp’s social media network connections.

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